• Stir Crazy

    Stir Crazy

    These cold dark days of winter can mess with our minds. Some individuals have feelings of depression for many reason and sometimes just because it is the "Stir Crazy" time of the year. Attending the stirring of ashes to start the renewal can help lift [...]

  • Germination


    Wow I'm getting seed packs ready and did a germination test. 100% germination of my white corn, pretty good if I do say so myself! Now to package these babies up! I'm speaking at Hamilton's Seedy Saturday this week, can't wait to be among my [...]

Sharing traditional knowledge to protect the next generation

Welcome to the Seed Keepers

Wa’tkwanonhwera:tons Ratinenhanonhnha! Welcome Seedkeepers! My name is Terrylynn Brant and my traditional Mohawk name is Sera:sera. I am Turtle Clan of the Mohawk Nation of Grand River. I live on Six Nations and have four daughters and four grandchildren.

Gardening has been a lifelong passion of mine which makes being a Seedkeeper a joy. Our people believe we are stewards of Mother Earth and must do our part to ensure a healthy sustainable lifestyle for the coming faces. We have been given a spiritual responsibility as indigenous people to honour all of creation.

My path has sent me on a journey to honour, protect and keep seeds for the coming faces. I grow Haudenosaunee and heritage seeds using the agricultural practices of my ancestors. This journey of sustainable living allows me to engage in such activities as gardening, beekeeping, making maple syrup, preserving foods, saving heritage seeds, attending Longhouse ceremonies, dreaming, crafting and singing traditional seed songs.

I spend time visiting with other Seedkeepers and we dream of the day when everyone understands the traditional knowledge of the seed. For me, all life depends on the seed, it holds the memory of our past and creates our future as unique and different as each seed. It is in seeds that we grow to understand our true relationship with creation.

I invite you to join me on this journey. I hope you enjoy my page. I welcome the day we can sit in our gardens and forests, visit and thank our Creator for all he has given.
Happy Seedkeeping! Sken:nenhatye!

Homesteading Tips

Six Nations Sapping 2017 showing signs of climate change!

The Sapping season locally has been showing changes in the past three seasons. The runs are having longer down times due to warmer temperatures and fewer freezing nights during the [...]

Creative Natives

Akosarakeni Winter Time folks. Now that the hustle and bustle of Ohserase New Year visiting is over till the real Ohserase Jan 8 we get to do our thing. For [...]

Sewing Success

Finished sewing the first piece, now only a million more! Lol! Well at least I m finally using the peacock scissors and home tanned scissor case made and gifted to [...]


Yes it's Mid-winters Ceremony starting today at Mohawk Longhouse Six Nations! We had an awesome time stirring ashes to start Ohserase (the new year) by letting the ashes rejuvenate Yetiniostonha [...]